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From the Archives…NYSE

With the reopening of the New York Stock Exchange Tuesday, it rang a bell for work I did at the NYSE in 2009.  Reaching into my archival portfolio, I found a piece about an apprenticeship program for college grads at NYSE.
Look at the trading floor buzz and energy – people traffic that we haven’t seen in some time. I wonder if and when it will be like that again – and I wonder where these young people are now – more than 10 years later.
(Created for: NYSE Euronext, Producer: Jocelyn Anker, Director of Photography: Ken Kerbs  Writer/Editor: Molly Williamson)


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From the Archives…Repelling

As we end the third month of quarantine in New York, having moved just as the coronavirus was entering the US, organization and reflection have consumed my time in between work and the garden.

I’m wondering how many of you have been reaching into the archives of your life and in what fashion? Photos, sewing projects, videos – other creative endeavors?

I thought I’d share some of my work from the past – a past which maybe seems more distant some days and holds a little more value in the way we freely moved about the world.

Reaching waaaaay back, I found one of my stories as a broadcast journalist student at San Jose State University. We were taught to connect with the people on whom we were reporting. Look at the extent to which I leapt in order to tell the story of these ROTC cadets.

Hope you enjoy – and hope you may be motivated to do some of your own digging – and sharing!
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