Graduation: Capturing That One Moment in Time on Film

Across the country, it is graduation season.

Squished in the pews of the awe-inspiring St. Ignatius Church, excitedly awaiting with other families at the 2016 University of San Francisco graduation, I reflected on my daughter’s first moving-up ceremony from pre-school, 17 years earlier. Tina Family GradIt was a less grand ceremony in the basement of a local church in our town, but the handful of parents were no less proud or excited to see their child ready to take the next leap toward maturity, even if it was only to kindergarten.

When it comes to documenting life, both ceremonies carry substance and value. The fleeting and precious thoughts and motions of a 5-year-old will be cherished every year thereafter – especially when captured on video and contrasted with a ceremony as significant as a college graduation. Photos and memories can fade with time, but a video can bring a memory back to life the way no other medium can.

Gazing around the packed church, I noticed the number of grandparents (including my daughter’s), and wondered, “How many families would take the opportunity to share generational stories and record them on video?” Now is the time. We take these milestones and weave them together to create a family heirloom documentary— a film with the voices, expressions, emotion and impressions of all those who were there.

GGradWhen my younger daughter graduated from high school last year, the preschool “graduation” footage was used in a video for the senior class. To watch the 18-year-old faces of students seeing themselves as 5-year-olds in cardboard caps was priceless. Individual interviews we conducted with the graduating class captured fascinating ideas that, when viewed at  future reunions, will be as precious as the preschool video, if not more.
Graduation season is a perfect time to consider creating a one-of-a-kind, keepsake film for the family. We pride ourselves on melding the best moments  with professional and insightful interviews to create unique and memorable films.graduation

Imagine the joy a keepsake documentary will bring the whole family, year after year. Then imagine your graduate sitting down with their grandchild to watch the same video on the eve of their  graduation. This is your legacy. Lineage in action. That’s what we do.


We specialize in combining all types of media—photography, keepsakes, audio cassette, VHS tapes— to create your heirloom documentary.
To discuss your project, contact us today. 

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  1. Anne-Marie Reynolds June 24, 2016 at 3:01 pm #

    Great idea — what a valuable, timeless service you offer!

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