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The Whitaker Family

Whitaker Small-2

Sister Bianca, Tarrytown, New York

Sister Bianca

John and Peggy, Croton on Hudson, New York

Blue Couple-small

Shirley and Richard, Colorado Springs

Riichard and Shirley Small

Ines, her daughter, son and granddaughter


Tell Me Your Story “Georgianna”



1 Ines

2 Sister Bianca

3 Richard and Shirley

4 John and Peggy

6 Faye and Henry
Brewster, New York

Faye talks about her extraordinary mother who fled Virginia with her father in the 50’s because inter-racial marriages were illegal at the time. “It wasn’t easy,” says her father, Henry, about starting a new business but their perseverance and determination led to solid marriage and the creation a successful garage door business, now being run by the 3rd generation.

5 Georgianna Grant


Siegfried and Gillian
Croton-on Hudson, New York

Gillian talks of her childhood in Britain during WWII. She and Siegfried discuss the secret to their 50+ years of marriage: Siegfried's ritual of making breakfast every morning for them both.

Ondina and Ralph
New York City, New York

93-year-old Ondina talks of her love for New York City where she emigrated at seven with her mother and grandmother. With her son, Ralph, Ondina describes 9/11 where she could saw the Twin Towers fall from her balcony apartment.


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