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Ines, Monica & Carla

Ines Descrip

Ines, Monica and Carla 

Ines describes her journey to America from Ecuador after her husband died, leaving her to care for four children alone. (2:57mins)


Shirley vid

Shirely Descrip

Shirley and Richard 

Shirley and Richard tell the story of how they met and whether it was love at first sight. They have been married more than 60 years. (3:19mins) 


John vid

John Descrip

John and Peggy  

Brother and sister tell the story of their mom and her two husbands, how Peggy met her husband and how their mom stashed bags of sugar during the war despite rationing. (1:32mins)


Georgianna vid

Georgianna Descrip


This excerpt from Georgianna's 120 minute documentary film focuses on her tragic childhood, and one of her reflections about her life, now that she is 80 years old.(3:22mins) 


Whitaker vid

Whitaker Descrip

The Whitaker Family   

Henry Whitaker and his daughter, Faye, talk about how his business started, how it was handed down to her and their family values. (3:56mins)


Bianca vid

Bianca Descrip

Sister Bianca   

A 90-year-old nun tells the story of when she took off her habit, the story of her weaving center and describes the art of weaving. (4:08mins)