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From the Archives…NYSE

With the reopening of the New York Stock Exchange Tuesday, it rang a bell for work I did at the NYSE in 2009.  Reaching into my archival portfolio, I found a piece about an apprenticeship program for college grads at NYSE.
Look at the trading floor buzz and energy – people traffic that we haven’t seen in some time. I wonder if and when it will be like that again – and I wonder where these young people are now – more than 10 years later.
(Created for: NYSE Euronext, Producer: Jocelyn Anker, Director of Photography: Ken Kerbs  Writer/Editor: Molly Williamson)


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Spring Arrives at Longhaul Farm in Garrison, NY

What better sign of spring than baby chicks! Watch as 50 brand new chicks from Amish country in Pennsylvania arrive to New York to live on Longhaul Farm in Garrison.  Over the next year, we’ll be getting to know the farmers and their family and see what they’re cultivating – it’s more than organic food!

Jocelyn and Jason left what they thought were their dream jobs to pursue a different kind of success and examine the American Dream.  We’ll watch as their egg-laying hens grow and a variety of seeds are planted – including some in the community to promote the sustainability of local power.

Warm weather and colorful landscapes are just around the corner. What do you love about the changing of the seasons? What are you most looking forward to? Is it something you grew up with or is it a tradition you started? What will you try to cultivate this season? Tell Me Your Story and looking forward to sharing Jocelyn and Jason’s.


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Winter Vacation

It is the third week in February – a week when many families across the country have what’s called a winter holiday – a week off from school!  While many wonder why a break is needed when kids just returned six weeks ago following the December holiday season, some of us look forward to celebrating winter weather with our children (and/or with our loved ones) – either by getting away from it – or immersing ourselves in it!  It’s a time for adventure and different kinds of lessons: traversing ice-covered paths like this one in Southwest Harbor, Maine – or skating across a nearby pond.  The ice brings alive animated fantasies like Frozen – helping children (and adults) realize that ice castles are actually possible!  It’s a chance to witness small wonders like a beautiful brook flowing in the midst of a frozen mountain.

Living on the East Coast, I have always celebrated the cold weather and especially the snow. Growing up in southern California, the seasons varied from moderate temperatures to hot.

So I am someone who wanted to immerse my family in the winter – rather than escape to warmer destinations as some.  Regardless of where you spend your February break – at the beach with Grandma or in the snow-covered mountains – the time together is invaluable.

Family vacations can play a big part in children’s memories.  An older friend told me once that though his kids didn’t seem to even enjoy the road trips they used to regularly take, …

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