Testimonials for TMYS Films

Testimonials for Tell Me Your Story Films

Testimonial: Kathy Durham Brechner

I am so happy to have this wonderful documentary of my parents’ recollections. My family is spread out across the country and it has been hard for the grandchildren to really get to know their grandparents and hear some of these stories first hand. Now they can and they will be able to pass them on to their children.

Watching Molly work directly with my parents during the filming was such a joy. She made them feel totally comfortable with the camera and happy to reminisce.

~ Kathy Durham Brechner


Testimonial: Carla Perez Gaillardos

When I first proposed having Molly make a video about our family matriarch, my family didn't get it — why a video? Wouldn't it be awkward? It wasn't until filming actually started that everyone began to relax — and of course it was all due to Molly's intuitive approach. The way she asks questions doesn't make you feel like you are being interviewed — it feels more like talking to an old friend. My grandmother felt so comfortable sharing her life experiences that I learned so much about her during the shoot. Working with Molly was such a pleasure — my grandmother is already asking to film Part 2!

~ Carla Perez Gaillardos


Testimonial: Monica Gallardos

The surprise documentary film for my mother's 80th birthday is meaningful and emotionally valuable to us. We might have gathered to speak about my mother; some would have spoken and many would have shied away. The video Molly did for us allowed many of us to pay tribute to my mother in a private, intimate setting.

A true keepsake — generations to come will be able to experience Ines' warm, strength, and generosity of spirit. My mother feels honored and valued, and has confirmation that we know her — really know her. She also knows that her life matters and that her memory will live on.

~ Monica Gallardos


Testimonial: Lucia Gallardos

To see the joy in her face when she saw the film at her party was beyond words! You captured her essence, her strength, her struggles, her boundless love, and her inner compass as she moved through her younger years to her current state of confidence and vibrancy as someone at peace who has settled into her role of matron of an extended family.

~ Lucia Gallardos


Testimonial: Rachel Bernstein

Molly has covered the generations for our family over the years — documenting our kids and our parents — each time bringing her sure touch to selecting just the right photo (from among hundreds) and just the right bit of music (from an infinity of choices). Each film is a nostalgic survey made into something meaningful, lively and fun to watch. Her interviewing and editing skills set her work apart.

The wonderful creative films of our children's bat and bar mitzvahs were the hit of both parties — kids and elders alike sat rapt as they tried to find themselves in the old photos, tapped feet to the music, and thoroughly enjoyed the sweep of the film.

~ Rachel Bernstein


Testimonial: Seth Davis

Molly Williamson, the creative genius behind Rolling Pin Film Productions, knows and appreciates the love that binds families together, and knows how to put it on film. She is a remarkably sensitive and creative filmmaker who helps preserve your special family experience.

Moving out of our family home of 60 years was painful, but filming the experience was an enormous help in getting through it.

Think about what preserving your memories can mean to you. Think about how modern technology, in the hands of a true professional, can help preserve your family heritage. Then give Molly Williamson a call and tell her YOUR story! Is it ever worth it!

~ Seth Davis


Testimonial: Cassara Cover

Molly Williamson, owner of Rolling Pin Film Productions, is 100% committed to your story. She makes you feel like you're the only project she's working on. You can feel her dedication from start to finish.

Growing up in my family business, I thought I'd heard all the stories, but the questions she asked really drew out way more than I anticipated. Now it's really nice to know that I'll be able to share this film with my small children long after my grandfather is gone.

~ Cassara Cover


Testimonial: Carol Loatman

Molly Williamson and I go way back to the days of music classes when I had the privilege of teaching all of her daughters. I have wonderful memories of many years of musical activities at each grade level that I cherish. What a surprise when all of these memories were given back to me recently in the form of a film! Molly chronicled it all. What a treasure this was for a retired teacher. Molly, thank you. Who else but you would think to do this?

~ Carol Loatman