The Enternship: Women Helping Women, Week One


The Enternship at Wunderlich Kaplan Communications

If you know me, you know I believe in the stars and the universe. So when I happened to be cleaning out my emails one recent Sunday morning and came across an unopened email with the heading: Internship for Women over 40 – I believed it was more than coincidental. The timing was perfect. It had been a challenging workweek, requiring more than the usual amount of grit. Without laboring over it, I decided to write an email, even though the deadline had passed. It read something like this:

When I decided to start my own business at 57 with four daughters, no capital, no partner and no real business experience, it was because I’ve always believed anything is possible – it never occurred to me that I would not be successful.

Since starting my company, I realize that running a business is more than a great product – in my case, a great story. Thoughtful marketing and public relations is also critical and that’s what the Enternship is all about.

 The Co-owner of Wunderlich/Kaplan Communications (WKC), Gwen Wunderlich wrote right back:

I am so glad you emailed! We actually just had a woman back out and now can’t make it until the Jan semester. I have one spot left and you sound perfect.”

Turns out I was chosen for one of 8 spots from a pool of more than a thousand applicants.

Having just finished the first week, I am in awe of the potential in this Fifth Avenue office, starting with the leadership of Gwen Wunderlich and Dara Kaplan. They have put together an eclectic, experienced and diverse group of women, ranging in age from 43 – 60 and beyond. Each one of the Enterns (Entre – preneurs) brings an impressive resumé. Yet, each of us has also experienced the awkward perception that somehow, unlike a good bottle of wine, aging does not improve your signature. We aim to change that perspective. (We’ve already caught the eye of Forbes and CNN International — click on the image below to watch the clip!)

In the next four weeks, I will be telling the remarkable stories of the well-seasoned and exquisitely smart women who make up the Enternship – beginning with the savvy and funny coordinators, Gwen and Dara. These are stories you will want to hear.

Molly Williamson attends the Enternship at Wunderlich/Kaplan Communications

Click on the image above to watch the CNN International news clip about the Enternship.

Photos (top banner) courtesy Karen Resta




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